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The Wide Variety of Floor Machines

Floor machines are made to clean and polish hard surface floors, but they’re not all created equal. If you intend to offer hard surface cleaning in addition to carpet cleaning for your clients, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right floor machine for your needs. There’s a surprising variety of options on the [...]

Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

While having the right equipment for cleaning carpets is a vital consideration, you’ll find that the chemicals you use are also essential. Without the right carpet cleaning chemicals, you’ll discover that your results are less than what you might expect. Making the right decision in chemicals can be hard to do, though, especially considering the [...]

Should I Buy a Truck Mount Machine or a Portable Carpet Cleaner?

As a professional carpet cleaner, the equipment you purchase is going to be of supreme importance. Without the right cleaning equipment, you will not be able to provide your clients with the results that they expect. That’s certainly not a way to start a profitable business. You have to primary choices when getting started in [...]

Should I Buy an Electric Truck Mount Machine or a Gas Model?

Buying a truck mount machine is an investment in the future – they offer powerful performance and deep cleaning that often cannot be matched by portable carpet cleaners. Of course, they’re also large and heavy and require you to mount them within a cargo van or on a trailer (thus the name). You will also [...]

Fuel Injection Panther EFI 21HP Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machine

Introducing the one and ONLY fuel injection truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. Here at Chem-Tex, we were able to build, and manufacture something all other companies lack in their production. We have put in many hours building from the ground up (all American made), the most efficient and high quality truck mounted carpet cleaner. This [...]

To Remove Pet Odor from Carpet

To remove pet odors from carpet, use Super Odor Eliminator. In a spray bottle put one part Super Odor Eliminator and three parts water. Spray the product on the infected area generously to ensure the product is absorbed down to the padding. Leave the product on the carpet to give it adequate time to eliminate [...]

Removing Wax from Carpet

First scrape away any excess wax from the area, and then get a white cotton cloth and an iron. Place the cotton cloth over the wax and with a warm iron go over the top of the cloth. Make sure the iron is warm but not too hot or it could melt the carpet. We [...]

Panther Truck Mounts

The Panther Truck Mount is one of the oldest brand names in the carpet cleaning equipment industry. For over 25 years the Panther machines have been living up to their good reputation with our customers. The Panther brand name gives confidence to customers when they buy our machines. You might be asking, ‘why is the [...]